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Furniture For Film and Television

Braveheart_chest_sl (5K)
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For many years The Clare Hall Company has made unusual furniture for films and television. This has been through A+M Hire Ltd, the U.K.'s largest prop store, where Michael has been the buying and antique consultant for a number of years.

Our craftsmens' expertise is needed where the originals are either too expensive or impossible to find. All furniture is carefully designed to have the look of the originals, before being skilfully made and then aged and polished by hand.

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Harry Potter, Shakespeare In Love, Braveheart, Robin Hood, Black Knight, Saving Private Ryan, James Bond films, Fifth Element, Sleepy Hollow, Madness of King George, are just a few of the films to 'star' The Clare Hall Company furniture!

If you have a passion for a past age, need to fill your old castle or are about to make a film - we are the team to help you. Please contact us